Weber Spirit E310 vs Genesis E310

What's the difference between Weber Genesis E310 and Spirit E310

An easy guide to explain the differences between the Weber Genesis E310 and Weber Spirit E310 BBQ

Weber BBQ's have a super reputation, so you may be confused as to why 2 barbecues that on the face of it seem so similar have very different price points. Let us help you understand and make it easy! 

The easiest way to explain the differences between the Genesis E310 and Spirit E310 is by first explaining the similarities

Similarities between Weber Genesis E310 and Weber Spirit E310

  • GS4 Grilling System

    The GS4 grilling system is the engine of your BBQ and with Weber, its what makes your BBQ so reliable and powerful. The GS4 grilling system includes four key components that sets its grills apart from others, these are the:

    • Infinity™ Ignition - easy to operate and reliable, guarantees ignition every single time you fire up your BBQ
    • Stainless Steel Burners - radiate even heat to your cooking grates, resulting in consistency and enabling perfectly grilled food
    • Flavorizer® Bars - these are angled bars that catch the drippings from your food as it grills. The flavorizer bars sizzle these juices and turn it into a delicious smoke that is infused with your food for extra flavour
    • Grease Management System - any excess grease that is not vapourised by the flavorizer bars is funnelled away from the burners into a Grease Management System. Essentially this means that the BBQ is so easy to clean, the excess grease is efficiently collected in a tray so you can swap and change your drip pans in a flash.
  • Burners Both series are 3 burner BBQ's
  • Warranty Weber offers a 10 year warranty
  • iGrill 3 compatible This is an amazing smart grilling meat thermometer, it takes all the guesswork out of grilling. It mounts directly on to Weber's Spirit and Genesis models. Note: the iGrill 3 is sold separately.
  • Built in thermometer 🌡 You will always know the cooking temperature of the bbq, the thermometer is built into the hood of the bbq
  • Wheels Both series are easy to move around the patio or even on gravel with extra large wheels on one side which are extremely durable
  • Open cart system The open cart system is super handy for storing cook ware and utensils, everything you will need stored neatly underneath!

Differences between Weber Genesis E310 and Weber Spirit E310

The hood: The genesis has the added advantage over the Spirit's single walled hood - it boasts a double insulated hood. This is excellent for preventing fluctuations & maintaining a consistent cooking temperature, particularly if you see yourself slow roasting on the BBQ. It is therefore associated with less gas consumption for 'long cooks'. The hood on the Genesis is also slightly taller, the advantage of this is, when roasting meat such as a large turkey, you will be less restricted with the height of the hood when closed. See dimensions in table below

Grilling Space: The Spirit has a slightly smaller cooking area to the Genesis. The Genesis E310 has an area of 68 x 48cm whereas the Spirit E310 has a cooking area of 60 x 46cm. See more information on table below

Power & Heat: The Genesis E320 is a more powerful bbq generating up to 11.43KW versus the Spirit E320 generating 8.79KW. Food that benefits from cooking on extra power are such as grilling pizza's and searing steak for example

The Look: The Genesis E310 and the Spirit E310 both look impressive. However, the Genesis looks a little more upmarket, it is slightly larger, it comes with more variety of colours. It will take pride of place on your patio

The beginner: If you are new to grilling, the Spirit E310 is a great model to start with. It has many of the features of the Genesis and if you plan on grilling once a week or thereabouts, the Spirit may well be a perfect choice. If you are not going to use the additional features of the Genesis, then the Spirit E310 is an excellent choice

Intermediate to Expert Griller: The Genesis is a state of the art BBQ, considered a step up from the Spirit range. It has extra features, allowing more versatility in grilling. If you will use the extra features in the Genesis, it is a great investment and it will keep thanking you for years. It tends to be a favourite among intermediate or expert grillers, however lot's of people start off on a Genesis when they are confident they will use it frequently

Table Comparison of Spirit E310 and Genesis E310 models


Spirit II E310

Genesis E310

Main burner

8.79 KW

11.43 KW

Dimensions Lid open

145cm H x 132cm W x 66cm D

158cm H x 150cm W x 79cm D

Dimensions lid closed

113cm H x 132cm W x 69cm D

120cm H x 150cm W x 74cm D

Primary cooking area

60 x 46cm

68 x 48cm

Warming rack area

55.7 x 11.4cm

66 x 15cm – tuck away

Stainless steel burners



Side tables



Fuel type

Liquid petroleum gas

Liquid petroleum gas

Durable all weather wheels



Tool hooks



Side mounted gas storage bottle




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