Archeo Heirloom Pots

Archeo Italian Heirloom Planters

The imposing terracotta pots you see dotted around The Pavilion are create by Archeo handcrafted pots.They are made by a family business in the town of Pistoia in Tuscany, Italy; a town has an age-old history in floriculture dating back to medieval times. Today Archeo potters are keeping the traditions handed down through generations alive by making their prized terracotta earthenware,  following the anchient techniques and methods of master potters.

These unique and natural products are the result of age-old experience and craft dexterity, combined with a material of extraordinary quality and resistence to the elements. The purchase of an Archeo piece is not just an investment in your garden today, it will become an heirloom destined to last for generations, just as the pottters of Archeo and Pistoia have handed down their master techniques throughout the ages. 

Due to their simple elegance & incredible strength, these pots are prized by collectors across the world. 

At The Pavilion, we are honoured to be the exclusive stockist of these beautiful heirloom terracotta pots in Ireland & be able to assist in preserving the hand down of this true tradition.

Archeo Italian Pots