The Pavilion Team

From tiny acorns, great oaks grow

When we originally opened our café in 2007, the best skill we brought to the table was a great understanding of fine, seasonal ingredients. We were, after all, farmers for generations and market gardeners for scores of years. So comfortable in the art of food production, demanding the highest standards of ingredients, and using the simplest and most natural means.

We started small with just 24 seats aiming only to feed our customers who had made a purpose trip to the garden centre. Every day we roasted 2 chickens and made salads & sandwiches highlighting the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers that we had learned to grow from our father and grandfather.

Today we are home to both an in-house artisan bakery & our latest addition, The Glasshouse Restaurant. 

Chef's Plate

Oven Roasted Mint Chicken

As we move through the seasons, so does our menu. Head Chef David O'Sullivan combines delicious flavours with seasonal ingredients each week to create a truly unique dish. This week, our chef's plate is an oven-roasted mint chicken. The chicken is marinated for 24 hours in a blend of olive oil, shallots, mint garlic and seasonings, resulting in a tender and flavourful roast. It is accompanied by a creamy celeriac purée, garden peas and a fresh parsley velouté made with white wine cream and chicken stock. Finally, the dish is served with sautéed lyonnaise potatoes and finished with a touch of real butter and parsley. 

Pavilion Restaurant Menu

The Team

David O'Sullivan

Head Chef

Before joining the team, David made a name for himself as an executive chef at Fishy Fishy in Kinsale for an impressive 14 years. Known for his innovative approach to cooking, he has earned a reputation as a renowned chef with a passion for pushing culinary boundaries.

David's dishes are a reflection of his creative flair and commitment to using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. His bold flavour combinations and inventive presentation showcase his skill and expertise, and his commitment to using seasonal produce ensures that every dish is bursting with flavour.

David Rice

Development Chef

David has worked at renowned restaurants, including Chapter One in Dublin, where he served as a senior chef and kitchen leader. During his tenure, the restaurant was awarded a coveted Michelin star. He was also the head chef at Mustard Seed Lodge in Adare, Co. Limerick, where he won Best Chef in Limerick at the Restaurant Association of Ireland Awards in 2010.

David has a particular interest in Italian cuisine and seafood, and he believes that great cooking relies on using simple techniques that allow the ingredients to shine.

Leah O'Malley

Restaurant Manager

Leah O'Malley, restaurant manager at the Pavilion restaurant.

Leah honed her restaurant management style in various high-end establishments such as Hayfield Manor and Greenes Restaurant in Cork City.  Leah has completed WSET wine training, which has given her an in-depth knowledge of the wine-making process, from grape to bottle, as well as the ability to discern subtle differences in taste based on the climate and soil in which the grape was grown.

Leah brings a level of professionalism and dedication that is second to none. Her attention to detail and commitment to providing a luxury experience for every guest is evident in every aspect of her management style, from ensuring that every dish is prepared to perfection to making sure that each guest feels welcome and valued.