The Bakery

Born on the idea of where we come from - our relationship with the soil and nature inspired us to establish a Bakery & Patisserie at our garden nursery in Ballygarvan. We continue our family tradition of using sustainable & wholesome ingredients to produce healthy food, respecting the philosophy of Good, Clean and Fair.

Our style is inspired by authentic Italian and French Bakeries and Patisseries that you will find in most towns in Italy & France, bringing a little touch of mainland Europe to the heart of our café here in Ballygarvan.

At The Pavilion, our passion is for artisan bread. We bake a range of traditional European breads, from French Pain au Levain to Italian Seeded Sourdough using only traditional techniques and natural ingredients. Long fermentation and skilful handling at every stage is the way we produce loaves with authentic flavour, texture and crust, taking up to 36 hours to make each loaf. We do not use any flavourings, additives, preservatives or bread improvers therefore the result is pure, healthy and delicious, each and every day.

Furthermore, at our Patisserie, you will find an array of delicious cakes, pastries and desserts in the vitrine. Our recipes are traditional and authentic, the formula experimented with over time. Expect to find the classics, from the ubiquitous croissant to distinct patisserie craft, some of the most intricate, deliciously baked desserts fusing traditional techniques with modern flair.

Our bakery and patisserie are an essential part of the Pavilion Restaurant.
If you would like to book a table, you can do so here.