Aftercut All in One Autumn 400m²

Aftercut All in One Autumn 400m²

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Aftercut All-In-One Autumn is a fertiliser that has been specially formulated to control moss and keep your lawn strong and healthy over the winter months. The mixture of iron, potassium and nitrogen will allow lawns to withstand winter stress conditions, move energy to the roots for winter storage, and green the lawn while avoiding excessive growth prior to winter.

Key features:

  • Kills moss effectively
  • Stronger root system to improve nutrient uptake
  • Greens without surge growth
  • Toughen grass to withstand winter months
  • Use from September to November

How to use

For use on established lawns (more than 1 year old), when grass and moss is actively growing. Apply from September to mid-November on calm day when the grass is dry and soil is moist. Re-treatment may be necessary for heavy moss infestation, or if moss returns. Do not apply within 3 days before or 4 days after mowing. Do not allow drift onto the foliage of neighbouring vegetation. Do not apply during drought, when raining or when frost is expected. Apply no more than twice in any one season.

It is good practice to wear gloves when using this product although this is not a requirement. Mark the areas to treat. Apply evenly at a rate of 32 grams per square metre by hand or spreader, covering the whole lawn. For more information on spreader settings check Brush off granules immediately from hard surfaces, decking, clothing and footwear to avoid staining/discolouration. Do not wash off with water as will cause staining. Water the lawn within 48 hours if no rain falls. After 7-14 DAYS rake out dead moss and weeds. You can mow the lawn 4 days after treatment.


Always read the product label before use. For full safety information please see the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Avoid overdosing. Avoid contact with flowers, shrubs, fruit, vegetable plants & hard surfaces. AVOID walking or allowing pets on treated areas until it has rained or product has been watered in and grass is fully dry. Store in a dry, frost free place away from children, pets and foodstuff. Wash hands and exposed skin after use. Gloves are recommended when handling this product WARNING Causes serious eye irritation. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Causes skin irritation. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use To avoid risks to human health and the environment comply with the instructions for use.