Bambusa Phyllost. Aurea CLT 15 150-200

Bambusa Phyllost. Aurea CLT 15 150-200


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Plants are best grown in deep, rich, consistently moist soils in full sun. Tolerates some light shade. Consider using an organic-type mulch to help retain moisture and provide summer nutrients. Avoid planting in small areas without first installing root barriers or growing plants in large plastic pots sunk in soil to the rim.

Noteworthy Characteristics

Phyllostachys aureosulcata, commonly called yellow-groove bamboo, is a running bamboo that is named for the yellow sulcis or groove that appears on culm internodes. Yellow grooves are particularly showy on new culms. Culms are green. Culms grow upright to as much as 25-30’ tall with 2” diameter. However in colder regions, culms may only reach 12-18’ tall. Culms are upright but sometimes geniculate (having a knee-like joint) in the lower parts. Plants naturalize into dense colonies over time. Lanceolate, pointed, olive-green leaves (to 7” long) are hairy at the bases. Leaves are generally evergreen unless killed by sub-zero winter temperatures. This species is native to northeast China, plants rarely flower.

Please note that image is just a visual representation of the type of plant and sizes/shapes vary depending on the specimen selected. To view the entire selection of specimen plants and architectural trees that we have in stock or to view the range available for special order, please arrange an appointment with our experts.