Citrus Potting Mix 8L
Citrus Potting Mix 8L

Citrus Potting Mix 8L

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Westland Citrus Potting Mix is a specially blended mix offering free drainage and the perfect balance of nutrients for healthy citrus plants.

Key features:

  • Specialist blend containing water-retaining Seramis®
  • Acidic compost for root growth
  • Nutrients for fruit development
  • Loam based to retain nutrients

How to use

Potting on Citrus trees are best potted on in the Spring before they start active growth but the can be potted on any time during the summer. Choose a pot larger than the old one, ensuring it has adequate drainage holes Cover the base of the pot with crocks to ensure good drainage Place a layer of potting mix in the bottom of the pot and gently tap the old plant from it’s pot Fill in around the edges with more Citrus Potting Mix ensuring the top feeder roots are covered with 2cm of fresh potting mix Water well and keep in light shade for a few weeks to allow roots to grow