Punica Granatum CLT 90-110 350-400

Punica Granatum CLT 90-110 350-400


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For centuries the pomegranate has been cultivated both as a decorative plant as well as for it’s edible fruit. The plant grows from a shrub into a small tree with a round crown. The crown is dense with somewhat tangled branches, with light brown, twigs with sharp points (thorns). When mature the bark flakes off in plates revealing a cream-coloured inner bark. In autumn the shiny green leaves turn brownish yellow. The pomegranate blossoms almost all summer. The flowers consist of darker orange-red wrinkled petals. They are followed by the familiar edible fruits. These large, yellow-red fruits contain countless seeds in a sweet, fleshy pulp. Because of its limited winter hardiness, this tree can only be used in North-West Europe as a tub plant in gardens, on patios and in courtyards. Punica granatum is pH neutral and will grow on any fertile, moist but well-drained soil. Loves direct sunlight.

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