Grazers G3 B/Flies & C/Pillars 750ml RTU

Grazers G3 B/Flies & C/Pillars 750ml RTU

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The NEW G3 formula is effective against damage from cabbage white butterflies, caterpillars, aphids & other sap suckers.

A unique product that combines and addresses two very crucial and key elements of current horticultural and environmental issues.

Using a very safe but effective formula, sprayed directly onto the foliage, not only is the plant being treated against potential damage from cabbage white butterflies, caterpillars and aphids, and its growth stimulated and strengthened, but there is no detrimental impact on the environment.

Thus the product has appeal for both garden lovers who do not want their plants ravaged and environmentalists who abhor chemical damage to the environment and its balance

  • New unique formula against cabbage white butterfly laying eggs plus caterpillar and aphid damage
  • Harmless to people pets & planet
  • Safe to use on edible crops
  • Easy ready to use sprayer simply spray all foliage
  • Strengthens and stimulates plants